The Angel on the Tree

Therese Ralston
4 min readFeb 8

I’m about to take the decorations off our 2022 Christmas tree.

My husband cuts down a pine every year.

The tree gets close to the high ceiling.

Last birthday, my son gave me a baby blue budgie.

He imitates the whistles of 12 different birds.

He says hello constantly.

He chatters away when the covers are off.

I thought he might like to be in a real tree for a change.

I popped him up into the decorations.

The first time, he was fine.

He didn’t want to get off my shoulder at first; then liked it.

I took some photos and left him alone.

But, the second time all chirping stopped.

That was unusual.

When I saw him again, his beak was green.

He’d been eating the Christmas Tree.

He looked sick.

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