I wanted to stay in the magic; these birds were awesome.

The Scarlet O’Hara of birds, even though all the red ones were male. I saw stacks of females with a red blush on their chin, but they were harder to spot; plain olive-brown and indistinguishable in the foliage.

It was the ta-dah moment when the dazzling assistant emerges from the magician’s box that’s been cut in half.

Sixteen red pompoms flew out of the bottle-brush. At least ten brown females went with them. Abracadabra. I laughed so hard I nearly choked, not realizing so many Scarlets were in there.

Scarlet hay-fever,

I glimpsed a thing

wild and free,

as lovely as can be.

Writing about the real life, farm life, reading life, birdlife, wildlife, pet life and school life I have in my life. My blog: birdlifesaving.blogspot.com

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