Diamonds and Depression

These birds are too pretty.

The human world steals beautiful things.

A parent bird guarding the fledging in its first day out of the nest.

All the native animals and birds are suffering.

That’s what I fear.

This big dry spell is a climate change emergency.

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

The official fire season started on December 1st.

But we’ve already had 6 weeks of infernos.

10 million hectares have been burnt out.

More firestorms rage out of control each day.

I see them flit and fly and drink and graze and chirp.

Another parent and Firetail chick. 1/12/19

I hope a few finches stay on; some of the 80 or so Firetails that hatched here and made my home theirs.

I don’t have diamonds on my fingers,

but I do have Diamonds decorating my garden.



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Therese Ralston


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