Miracles and Setbacks

Australia’s Disastrous Spring/Summer of Bushfires

My Christmas wish was for rain to put out the fires.

With 2 blazes still on and around our property, I didn’t get my wish.

Photo by Cameron Kitson on Unsplash
A westerly wind clears the sky of haze and I can breathe the air.
The hummer from Berlin Christmas Markets my daughter gave to me.
The blanket of grey fire smoke and soot went for a km along our mountain ridge.

It is harrowing, as if he’s going off to war every day.

Setback 4: We’ve had 40 months without decent rainfall. The worst drought the country has endured; our fourth summer in a row without rain.

Smoke haze at 10 am, good thing is I can’t see the mountain on fire through it.



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Therese Ralston

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